Are you ready for Retirement?

The last place a gay man wants to go is back into the closet

Ageing may be a real six letter word but in gay circles, it's definitely more of a four letter word and one that is usually never uttered, in
any civilized conversation. However, having an ostrich mindset, is definitely not an option, when planning and making provision for one's retirement, as it has a direct affect, on the quality of one's life later on.

Alan Samons wrote a well-researched and fascinating article, on gay retirement homes around the world. Needless to say, they are wonderful social establishments, for like-minded individuals, where the emphasis is, on maintaining independence and a youthful mindset. Sadly, South Africans have never had any gay retirement homes or for that matter, any special places, where retired members of the gay society could live.. until now!

Nestled between the magnificent mountains in the Wilderness/Hoekwil area, with its beautiful beaches, forests and nature reserves, Chateau in the Wild, is South Africa's first 5 star retirement home, for retired gay men over the age of fifty five and their partners.

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Many gay men do not have any support from their family and/or friends and therefore, prefer the option of retiring in an environment with other gay men, rather than be forced into a heterosexual old age home, with conservative rules and homophobic staff and being faced with having to hide their sexual orientation, because of the possibility of discrimination and isolation. Well rest assured, that at Chateau in the Wild, you will never experience any discrimination or closeted mentality, as the staff and management and even the owners, are either gay or extremely gay friendly.